CS Roofing Southland

CS Roofing Southland

We did have our own photocopiers but after moving to Ricoh South in 2012, we wouldn’t look back.

We are a roofing installation company, so we do a lot of quotes, invoices and printing of plans. We need quality from our copiers and printers and Ricoh South’s products and service deliver every time.

We have two branches – one in Invercargill and one in Queenstown – and Ricoh services both, which is a real advantage.

Before moving to Ricoh, we’d heard plenty of good things about them. We were impressed with their sales pitch, impressed with their recycling of toner cartridges, impressed with the value they offered, and they just came up with solutions that would meet our needs.

If we ever have a problem – which is very rare – their service is always prompt and reliable.

The best part is that they’re so easy to deal with and we get along well with them. While they are professional with their products and service, they’re good sorts – they can have a laugh, and that suits us perfectly!  

Vicki Templeton, Business Manager, CS Roofing Southland