Preston Russell Law

Preston Russell Law

Ricoh South offers prompt service, they’re reliable and they’re pro-active – all great qualities when it comes to a service provider.

We operate seven copiers; two in remote offices, so their ability to provide service Southland-wide is invaluable. It doesn’t matter where or when it is, when we need something they’re there and if it’s urgent they pull out all of the stops.

They have taken the time to understand our business needs.

Through their proactivity we identified our machines were no longer fit for purpose – in some cases they were being overloaded. Our new higher spec machines are now in place and we are paying less per month in lease costs!  

As we have a lot of different software that needs to talk to the machines it was quite complex – but the team at Ricoh made it simple. There wasn’t a huge down time, they just got in and got it done.  

We’d definitely recommend Ricoh. They’re just so reliable – they do what they say and they make it work for us, because they understand our business.  

Christine McLeod 
Services Manager
Preston Russell Law

Christine McLeod, Preston Russell Law