St Peter’s College Gore

St Peter’s College Gore

We’ve been with Ricoh South for three years, and over that time the quality of their products and service have both been excellent.

Our printers and copiers pretty much run non-stop during the school day. They are always in high demand so it’s crucial that they not only run smoothly, but that they deliver good quality printing and copying as well.

Ricoh’s service really sets them apart from other providers. If anything goes wrong – which isn’t very often – they’re here within the hour, or as close to it as they can be. The machines send them prompts if the toner is running low so they ensure we don’t run out and, with high quality machines and outstanding service that you can rely on, they just make our copying and printing run smoothly which is crucial in a busy school office like ours.

We would most definitely recommend Ricoh to anyone.

Talia Andrews, Executive Officer, St Peter’s College Gore